Ce Murmure dans la Nuit du Monde


Creation Date



1 hour

Aurélien Zouki

mise en scène

Donna Khalife


Nobuko Miyazaki


Ce Murmure dans la Nuit du Monde

THAT WHISPER IN THE DARKNESS OF THE NIGHT When physical geography does not provide safe refuge, when no land offers a welcome that can put an end to wandering, when the idea of return becomes unimaginable, we turn to one of the few possible places left: a place that can still be a refuge, a haven, a shelter, a home for memory or a new utopia. That place lies in the abstract. It is the place of song and music. Collectif Kahraba proposes a poetic journey, both visual and musical, to give the question of displacement a tangible human anchor, far from facts and pundits. Masks, music, chants, improvisation, drawing, and bodies in motion compose this musical poem imagined for the whole family. Co-production: Festival d'Aix en Provence, le Tarmac Support : Roberto Cimetta Fund Residencies: Academy of the Festival d'Aix en Provence in Enterprise company studios, School D12 in Marseille, at Hammana Artist House Special thanks: Willem Bruls, François Cervantes, Veronique Larcher, Yasser Khamis