Sabaa w 7


Creation Date



45 minutes


Éric Deniaud


Nadine Touma


Sivine Ariss

Performed By

Nadine Touma, Sivine Ariss, and Aurelien Zouki

Set Design and Puppets

Éric Deniaud


Dar Onboz & Collectif Kahraba

Sabaa w 7

Sabaa w 7 is a tale. Seven and Seven, is the number of days it takes the moon to move half its trajectory across the sky. One night the moon breaks and disappears, planting terror throughout the village. While storytelling will be based on the Hakawati technique, staging will depend on another tradition, the shadow theatre. A mobile carousel of lights and shadows are assembled into a giant mobile in order to gather the scattered lunar pieces. Together, we shall embark on this journey led by Nadine Touma, storyteller and author of this modern tale who will take us to the village pond, to Philomena's shop and to Bou Sleiman's orchard introducing us to the different protagonists who will unite in an attempt to allow a new ascension of the moon in seven and seven new nights hoping once again to be able to tell stories. Coproduction Dar Onboz and Collectif Kahraba Performance in Lebanese Arabic or English