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Journeying together through a geography of hospitality

Some might find it absurd to organize, in a country in free-fall, a decentralized, multi-disciplinary free-of-charge festival in unequipped venues, intended for the general public.  
To some, it might seem like a luxury or a mild form of madness, to organize such an event in the heart of a country where nothing makes sense anymore, and where disaster has no alternative.  
In a region where social and political events keep us in a permanent state of precariousness and emergency, with no room left to dream of another world, let alone have the time to build it. After all, we have to survive.  
And yet, every time we invite the public to take part in such an artistic event, we realize just how much we all need it, how urgent it is for us to come together, to exchange ideas, to be moved together, touched, and disturbed together: in short, to live. To be alive, not just survive.  
Art and culture are the essential ingredients of a more human society. They are not privileges but resources, as vital as bread and water.  
"Us, the moon, and the neighbors" is the fruit of a long history of encounters, years of exchanges, conversations, loyalty, and trust in our relationships, both on the human and professional levels, with artists, programmers and facility managers who share our common vision: CULTURE FOR EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE !  
Over 130 professional and amateur artists, technicians, cultural operators, and volunteers have joined us. They come from Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, France, Spain, Egypt, Armenia, Turkey, Switzerland, Italy, India, and Mali to tell you who they are. They will say it, sing it, dance it, and draw it.  
We thank them for sharing with us what burns them and what will warm us.  
We invite you all to join us, in the spaces where men and women who believe that an alternative to chaos is possible, are working without bluster to develop a society of sharing and listening:  
• In Saida, Sikka: a community house in the heart of a large orchard, and Ishbilia : a theater in the heart of the city.  
• In Burj el Barajneh, Al Kassam Kindergarten: a kindergarten run by a group of women who have created their own theater troupe.  
• In Hermel, the Centre Loisirs et Culture, working actively for so long, and Esprits Libres : an alternative school.  
• In Hammana, Hammana Artist House: a place for artistic creation and encounters in the heart of a mountain village.  
To the people of Hammana, thank you for trusting us throughout the past six years.  
To our partner venues, thank you for insisting with us on an alternative cartography of the country, a topography of exchange and sharing, a geography of trust and hospitality.  
To the local and international artists, cultural structures and their respective teams, in Lebanon and elsewhere, who have contributed so much to this program, you remind us that in the midst of a social, financial and political crisis, remains an inexhaustible resource: solidarity. And just when we thought this festival was no longer possible, you have supported and propelled us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  
To the audience, whoever you are, wherever you come from, you’re welcome!


Please click here to download the festival program.

Collectif Kahraba team