Our Team

Stephanie Estephan -

Stephanie is from two beautiful Lebanese villages; Ain Aar and Hammana. She has been an Architect since 2011 and a Contemporary Mover since 2015. She sees both Architecture and Dance as platforms for her to create space within a space. Dancing has always been her passion, and, alongside her career, she has dedicated time to deepen her research and exploration of movement and body anatomy through several practices: Hatha Yoga, Contemporary Dance technique, Contact Improvisation and West-African dance. She regularly attends local classes and travels for workshops and short programs in Europe and Africa, developing her passion throughout the years. To her, the beauty of dance stems from its connection to our roots, it links us strongly to the ground and to our inner rhythm, it invites us to embrace the other and the space around us, and most of all, it allows us to understand and cherish the body structure we live in. Besides her artistic side, Stephanie has a very well-organized and efficient mindset. She multi-tasks, thinks and acts fast, values time, and is attentive to details, aiming to deliver and accomplish tasks in the best way possible. She believes that although individuals are capable of achieving things on their own, teamwork is much more fun, effective and productive, helping to create a community rather than a staff. She happily joined the Hammana Artist House community in October of 2019.